So, who are we? KnowSeafood is a group of people brought together by our founders, Dan and Paul; charmed into joining the battle to bring you the best seafood. Our team comes from different backgrounds: seafood, technology, customer service, operations, marketing, and we are marrying these skill sets to accomplish this goal. We hope to show you all why our vision for how seafood should be bought and consumed is so important.

KnowSeafood is working directly with global harvesters, sourcing the highest quality from the best regions of the world, and using blockchain technology to follow the seafood from the point of harvest right to our customers tables. We are enabling our customers to be part of KnowSeafood. To join a community of fish loving food nerds, sharing their experiences and recipes with each other. We only offer seafood that is grown or managed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, including the packaging. This is a critical piece of our philosophy that supports our mission to reduce the effects on climate change, one of the greatest threats to wild seafood. Our mission is having our customers eat healthy, natural, sustainable seafood more often. Seafood that they can trust and enjoy!

Your seafood is being supplied from our partners across the world: New England, Norway, Peru and even the Maldives to name a few (check out each product to know exactly where)! As for KnowSeafood, our team is working with each other from across the US in North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, California, and in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where all of our seafood will be received and shipped out to you from our facility that is net zero carbon.

For decades, Paul & Dan have known seafood, have been very involved in all aspects of the seafood industry and have experienced first-hand how difficult it has been to try to change how the seafood industry has operated. There are so many middlemen, so many issues with quality, sustainability, transparency, mislabeling and food safety, which has led to consumers not trusting seafood. With KnowSeafood you can check the exact dates our seafood was harvested, frozen, and shipped to us before you order, and by scanning the QR code on the packages of our seafood products when you receive them, you will KnowWhere, KnowHow, KnowWho it came from and even connect with other seafood loving people like you who ordered the same seafood!

Right now! Our seafood partners for all of our products are shipping incredibly delicious seafood to our facility in New Bedford, MA. We will begin shipping out the Indiegogo campaign boxes in October, and at the same time launching where you can order all your monthly seafood needs, see delicious and tested recipes, plus stay connected with other KnowBuddies in our community.

We have a constant stream of seafood coming in from our global partners which will ship to you within 2-3 days of your chosen delivery date. No subscription is needed; however, when you do subscribe, you can choose to be a KnowBuddy, save 5% and receive complimentary shipping on every box that is over $99. Even better, a KnowBuddy that orders 12 times a year receives an additional 5% credit on that year's purchases!

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