Seafood that you can trust and enjoy, delivered direct to you!

We are building our web platform right now and are hoping to be “live” in just a few weeks!

But you can join the journey soon by participating on

All of our seafood is currently being harvested, packaged, blast frozen within hours of being landed, and being shipped to our facility located in New Bedford, MA. So, we will be ready to start sending you incredible seafood boxes (some we made for you, or you can even build your own) that you can order very soon!

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Join our community of fish-loving food nerds, sharing your experiences and recipes with each other. We only offer seafood that is grown or managed in a sustainable manner. We use environmentally-friendly packaging... even our facility is net zero carbon.

Our mission is having our customers eat healthy, natural, sustainable seafood more!
(Did we mention our happiness guarantee?