Transparency’s Our Thing

At KnowSeafood, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about seafood. And while we can’t promise you’ll know each flounder’s name; we do promise happy taste buds—and zero fishy origins. In fact, we’ll tell you exactly where your catch came from. You can thank our blockchain technology for that (told you we were serious about seafood!)

Our Seafood has a Story

Dan, one of the founders of KnowSeafood, being involved in the food industry since he was 16, was incensed that in 2018 when there was an outbreak of E. coli in romaine lettuce that we did not have a solution to quickly determine the sources of contamination and react immediately to remove contaminated products from the supply chain thus reducing the probability of many people becoming ill or worst.

Knowing of the fraud, additives, and food safety problems in the seafood industry, Dan began working with IBM and created
the first of its kind “global blockchain solution” that offered consumers complete trust, traceability, and transparency on seafood, beginning with Wild Caught Sea Scallops. By allowing you to know the story of your seafood even before your order it, we hope you will have confidence in ordering from us and eat healthy seafood more often.

Our KnowSeafood harvesters must upload harvesting, processing, and shipping information on our blockchain application. This information is immutable and cannot be changed, ensuring every detail of when and where it was caught, processed, and shipped is accurately recorded, building trust directly with you.

Good for the Planet and Your Palate

Sustainable seafood means maintaining a healthy population of each species to remain productive across the ecosystem. Therefore, effectively managed seafood harvesting must prevent harm to any species or habitat.

We all need to work in unison, thinking globally and acting locally, to change these threats to our environment. For seafood lovers, it starts with what you eat and where it comes from.

With over 85% of wild-caught seafood fully or overfished, KnowSeafood will only offer wild-caught seafood from managed fisheries and only offer aquafarm-to -able seafood grown responsibly. No use of antibiotics or feeds that impact wild-caught species.

Additionally, as expected, we use environmentally friendly packaging when shipping from our net-zero-carbon facility. Finally, we strive to reduce the effects of climate change, which threatens wild seafood, biodiversity, and nutritional resources worldwide