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Our KnowBuddies (that’s you) deserve the best. So join the family and savor reel-good, sustainable seafood that makes every meal at home memorable! (Did we mention our 100% happiness guarantee?)

Flash Sale!
“Wild Alaska Salmon” Box
14 servings line-caught by Alaskan fishermen.
Mild and delicate with a leaner meat.
Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

2 servings sustainably hand caught.
Sweet mild flavor with a steak-like firmness.

Wild Dungeness Crab Meat

Full pound of Wildly delicious Dungeness Crab Meat. No Shell, No Fuss, just endless possibilities.

“Call of the Wild” Box

18 servings of wild & sustainably harvested seafood. 
Six Favorites from Yellowfin Tuna to Maine Lobsters.

“North & South” Box

18 servings of seafood from both North & South Regions. 
Assortment from Aurora Salmon to Wild Haddock.

“KnowBuddies” Box

16 servings of your favorite seafood. 
Assortment from Rainbow Trout to Wild Scallops.

New England Wild Scallops

3-4 servings hand-shucked off the NE Atlantic Ocean.
Deliciously meaty and sweet.

Wild Maine Lobster Tails

2 servings harvested off the coast of Maine.
Tender and succulent with a distinct sweet flavor.

Wild Caught Mahi Mahi

2 servings harvested off the coast of Peru.
Mildly sweet, delicate, and flaky.

Get to KnowSeafood!

We are a bunch of seafood-loving food nerds who are serious about seafood. Our community, our KnowBuddies (that’s you), deserve the best. So, join the family and savor reel-good, sustainable, and trusted seafood that makes sharing every meal at home memorable!

What We Deliver

You got this! KnowSeafood makes it easy to order and prepare right at home. While plenty of fish is in the sea, we ensure you get only the best delivered to your door. Salmon. Scallops. Lobster. You name it; we’ll net it. We might even throw in a new one for you and give you delicious recipes on how to make it!

Meet Your Harvesters

And while we can’t promise you’ll know each flounder’s name; we do promise happy taste buds—and zero fishy origins. We’ll tell you exactly where and who harvested your catch. So, you can thank our blockchain technology for that (I told you we were serious about seafood!)

From Our KnowBuddies

The salmon was very tasty and easy to cook.

Donald A.★★★★★
First Box!

This is the place to order the best.

Amy D.★★★★★
On their 4th Box

Delicious and very well-received by my family.

Peter G.★★★★★
On their 3rd Order

My whole family loves this salmon.

Elizabeth M.★★★★★
First Order!

Best shrimp ever

May 15th 2022

Best tails we ever bought!

May 15th 2022

Salmon was light and flaky. The flavor was perfect.

Bert C.★★★★★
On their 2nd Box

We put this on the grill and it is oh, so good!

Kim S.★★★★★
On their 2nd order

High quality. Very well packaged.

May 15th 2022