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Aurora Salmon

2 servings of sushi-grade quality from northern Norway.
Rich and sweet in flavor with a flaky texture.

Jumbo Raw Shrimp

1 pound with no preservatives or chemicals added.
13-15 count perfect for baking, stuffing, and sautéing.

Yellowfin Tuna Saku

1 “Saku” block, pole caught in the Laccadive Sea. Sashimi quality, tender, and sweet flavor. Be your own Itamae.

Wild Alaska King Salmon

2 servings caught off the coast of Sitka. 
Thick and flavorful fillet cuts.

Wild Maine Lobster Tails

2 servings harvested off the coast of Maine.
Tender and succulent with a distinct sweet flavor.

Wild Alaska Coho Salmon

2 servings line-caught off the coast of Sitka.
Mild and delicate flavor with a leaner meat.

Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

2 servings sustainably hand caught.
Sweet mild flavor with a steak-like firmness.

Open Blue Cobia

2 servings raised off the coast of Panama.
Mild buttery taste with a flaky texture.

Baja Kanpachi

2 servings harvested off the coast of Baja Mexico.
Meaty and firm with a mild, buttery taste.

"Baja" Mexican Bay Scallops

3-4 servings diver caught from Magdalena Bay, Mexico. 
Sushi-grade; sweet and creamy.

Wild Icelandic Cod

2 servings wild-caught off the coast of Iceland.
Mild and delicate flavor with a leaner meat.

Wild Alaska Halibut

2 large servings (7-9oz) harvested off the coast of Sitka.
Mildly sweet flavor with a firm tender flesh.

Yellowfin Tuna Poke

Sixteen ounces of our raw, world-class sashimi quality yellowfin tuna. Enough for four delicious hand-crafted Poke bowls

New England Wild Scallops

3-4 servings hand-shucked off the NE Atlantic Ocean.
Deliciously meaty and sweet.

Rainbow Trout Fillets

2 servings from the Andes Mountain’s Region.
Tender and flaky meat with a mild delicate flavor.

Norwegian Salmon Burgers

4 patties of ethically raised Salmon.
Omega-3 rich option for a meat-free burger.

Wild Caught Mahi Mahi

2 servings harvested off the coast of Peru.
Mildly sweet, delicate, and flaky.

New England Wild Haddock

2 servings harvested off the North Atlantic.
Sweet and mild with fine, firm flakes.

Open Blue Cobia Burgers

2 quarter lb. burgers of sustainably raised Cobia.
Protein-packed meaty option for your next burger night.

Colossal Cooked Shrimp

1 pound with no preservatives or chemicals added.
21-25 count cooked with a firm and delicious taste.

So. African Lobster Tail 14 oz.

Fourteen ounces of one of the premier lobster tails served worldwide, offering a sweet, bright white meat


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