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KnowSeafood is undergoing a transformation to emerge as the ultimate destination for seafood enthusiasts, offering a premier online platform for sourcing the freshest and most sustainable seafood directly to your doorstep. Get ready to experience a new level of convenience and quality as we redefine the seafood shopping experience!


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Who are KnowSeafood?

Hi, my name is Daniel McQuade. Myself and my close friend Paul Neves are the founders of KnowSeafood. KnowSeafood was born from the desire of both Paul and me to offer truly sustainable, premiering seafood to consumers like you with ease, with trust in what you were to have delivered right to your doorstep. Both of us have a close affinity to the sea and the species that offer us a source of food that is nutritious and delicious.

KnowSeafood Founders
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In our careers in the seafood industry, we saw that some of the practices within the industry needed change. The seafood industry is significantly fractured globally, and here in the United States, we import almost ninety percent of our seafood from a dysfunctional supply chain. Rarely does the actual harvester even know where their seafood ends up or what happened to it along the way. Rampant seafood fraud, mislabeling, and unneeded additives to extend shelf life or add weight have caused what Paul and I call the fear of fish.

KnowSeafood, as the best place to order seafood online, wanted to build a seafood company that would bring transparency and trust to our customers who wished to eat healthy seafood more often. We created KnowSeafood by putting the needs and wants of the consumer first.

KnowSeafood is for consumers who care where their food comes from

KnowSeafood is the online seafood market, transforming the way people purchase and enjoy seafood by bringing unparalleled trust, transparency, variety, and quality to seafood sourcing

Before launching KnowSeafood, I collaborated with IBM to use blockchain to help improve seafood traceability and sustainability while addressing fraud.

KnowSeafood - online seafood box company
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This first-of-its-kind technology addressed several problems that many in the industry believe explain why between 80 and 90 percent of Americans eat less than the recommended allotment of seafood [USDA]. From widespread seafood fraud and mislabeling [Oceana] to roughly 80 percent of the seafood in the United States being imported [NOAA], few consumers know where their seafood comes from.

We found the perfect tool for establishing a direct link between the consumer and the boat captain who caught their fish, empowering seafood-loving consumers to demand more from their food supply chain.

We found that once consumers knew precisely whom and how their seafood was harvested and how the journey ended right to their plate, they would order seafood online more often. This was when we realized now was the time for KnowSeafood's fresh fish boxes!

Months before KnowSeafood was launched, we wanted to know precisely what consumers thought of ordering premium seafood online. Would consumers want a seafood subscription? Would consumers want predetermined seafood boxes, or would they prefer to buy seafood online by building their own seafood boxes?

Seafood Box Delivery
Global Seafood Suppliers

Once we heard from our seafood-loving food nerds about their preferences, we began seeking the best global seafood suppliers. From the salmon swimming in the icy fjords of Norway to the glistening sushi/sashimi grade yellowfin tuna swimming in our many oceans to the deep rocky coast of Maine for our premium lobsters, we know the best and eliminate the seafood problem.

We eliminated the middleman. Our harvesters land their seafood, and within hours, our premium KnowSeafood is cut, portioned, packaged, and "blast frozen" at temperatures of -80 to -120 degrees Celsius. This locks in the freshness, and our seafood is only frozen once. The next time our KnowSeafood is thawed, it is right before you are preparing KnowSeafood for dinner. This is why KnowSeafood, your best seafood box delivery, offers a 100% happiness guarantee!

Premium Online Seafood Market
KnowSeafood is environmentally responsible

Once our selection of premium KnowSeafood arrives at our facility in historic New Bedford, MA, we begin a tour quality assurance program to ensure only the finest seafood is put into your fresh seafood box. As expected, our seafood is sustainably raised and harvested, and we strive to be environmentally responsible. Just like our seafood, our recyclable packing is part of our ongoing commitment to help reduce the effects of climate change and global warming. Your KnowSeafood box and insulation can be tossed in your recycling bin. We still have more work to do as a company and global community.

Once you order your premium seafood box, we hand-select the ordered seafood online and pack it into our well-insulated seafood box along with dry ice for the journey right to your doorstep. Our KnowSeafood boxes are usually delivered within 48 hours of leaving our facility. We send KnowBuddies, which we affectionally call KnowSeafood Customers, a shipping confirmation and tracking number. We stay in touch until your seafood delivery box arrives on your doorstep.

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As we learned from our early questions from our potential KnowSeafood customers, they wanted to be in charge. At KnowSeafood, you can build your seafood box (BYOB) or order a curated seafood box. Our curated seafood boxes are a selection of our best seafood boxes. They are specific to diets, cooking styles, and global tastebuds. Please choose from our online seafood boxes, such as our Sushi Lover seafood box, Keto Seafood Box, Call of the Wild Seafood Box, and KnowBuddy Seafood box. We have many in our limited-time seafood boxes as well! Our curated seafood boxes offer savings over "building your own" seafood box.

Join us in this oceanic culinary journey, and together, let's redefine seafood consumption for the better.


What is included in a KnowSeafood seafood box?

Our online seafood orders often include popular items like Norwegian Salmon, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, and Maine lobster tails. They may even have extraordinary selections, such as a saku block of tuna or a gourmet shrimp burger. All products are packaged with dry ice in an insulated box and shipped to you within 24 to 48 hours after leaving our facilities. The fish arrives frozen and ready to be placed in your freezer. If you don't see any dry ice in your seafood delivery box when you receive it, don't worry. Most of it will evaporate during transit and might even be gone by the time you receive your order.

Is it less expensive to use a KnowSeafood Seafood Box that is already built? 

Yes! Our KnowSeafood seafood boxes usually cost 10-15% less than building your seafood box. We make it fast, convenient, and even easier on the wallet! Our average seafood portion is approximately six ounces, a perfect single serving of healthy seafood. We also change our seafood boxes based on diet preferences and also what Mother Nature has to offer us at certain times of the year. So check in often to see what's new in our Seafood Boxes.

Are all your Seafood Boxes Wild Caught Seafood only?

We offer premium wild-caught seafood and aim to provide only from sustainable sources. However, we also offer sustainable and responsibly aqua-raised seafood! We understand the need to supplement the "overfished" wild species with healthy and responsibly raised seafood like Norwegian Salmon, Ocean Raised Branzino, and Diver Caught Bay Scallops. In some of our Seafood Boxes, we offer a mix of wild-caught and aqua-raised!

Is the seafood fresh or frozen?

Our KnowSeafood seafood online delivery is always frozen so that we can get you the freshest-tasting seafood you can get unless you live close to a seafood village. Cutting, packaging, and blast-freezing our wild-caught and aqua-raised fish as soon as it’s brought to shore drastically increases the safety of our seafood and tastes just as delicious, too!

Can I choose the seafood I want in my box?

Absolutely, you're in charge! You can customize your seafood box by buying mahi mahi, salmon, or even lobster tails online. We have a wide selection of seafood from around the world that we are sure are many of your favorites. We believe in choices and respect your choices when it comes to seafood products. On a special diet, have an allergy to a particular type of seafood? Well. Build Your Own Box of KnowSeafood! So go wild on seafood, or pick your favorite seafood that fits your taste buds!

How do I know the seafood is sustainable?

We prioritize sustainable seafood, sustainable seafood delivery, and transparency, ensuring our customers receive the best seafood box in the market. KnowSeafood understands that sustainability includes not only the survival of the species from overfishing but also the impact on the environment of the species, the community that harvests, and the effect of global climate change on water temperatures. Accordingly, KnowSeafood offers only sustainably caught and aqua-raised products from trusted harvesters and farmers.

How is the seafood packaged?

Each item in our seafood packaging boxes has been packaged and blast-frozen within hours of landing. Whether it's our Norwegian Salmon portions, Wild Halibut, or Wild Alaska Black Cod, our fish selection is vacuum packaged in single portions that can be defrosted and served as a single meal. Our shellfish, such as our shrimp and scallops, are Individually Quick Frozen, which means each piece is blast frozen and then glazed with water to protect from freezer burn, but also let you remove from your freezer the precise amount you wish to serve as a meal.