Our Mission

Meet the Founders

Fifteen years ago, Paul Neves traded a few scallops for some branding help. Over beers at their first meeting, Dan meted out some advice and the two became friends, building Paul’s business into one of the country’s largest fresh scallop companies. The two shared a love of seafood and a drive to build their company on quality, trust, and transparency.

Transitioning those same values to face a new audience with KnowSeafood, Dan and Paul aim to show how putting the customer first can help get people excited about buying and eating natural, sustainable seafood at home.

Daniel McQuade

Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Neves

Co-Founder & COO

How it Started

Paul and Dan set out to resolve the “fear of fish”: the murkiness in labeling and standards that makes shoppers nervous about buying seafood. They built a first-of-its-kind blockchain solution, implementing the technology in restaurants.

But when they tried to bring it to people who buy seafood to cook at home, they quickly learned that supermarkets and seafood distributors cared more about cost than growing or better educating their customers for their product.

Frustrated, Dan and Paul decided to set out on their own. They called up the best seafood harvesters, their favorite fishermen from their decades in the business, and explained how they planned to bring high-quality seafood – and its stories - straight to the customers in their home.

Immediately they found the support they hoped for – their partners in people over profit and quality over quantity – and KnowSeafood came to life: a seafood market bringing trustworthy sustainable seafood directly from harvesters to your home.

No More Middlemen

We KNOW what goes on when seafood gets pushed to the middlemen – supermarkets. Realistically, seafood goes through anywhere from four to seven middlemen before reaching your plate. Additives, antibiotics, rampant seafood fraud, unsustainable fishing, and food safety problems are widespread, and consumers are left unaware, and don't trust seafood even though they know it is healthier for them.