two raw wild icelandic cod portions
fish and chips with fried icelandic cod and fries
wild icelandic cod salad over spinach and croutons
cooked wild icelandic cod on a white plate with sauce and veggies
two raw wild icelandic cod portions
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Wild Icelandic Cod

Contains two 6 oz. portions

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SALE - Wild Icelandic Cod

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The absolute best wild-caught Cod you will find anywhere. Why? Iceland's pristine natural feeding areas are the perfect growing area for this Atlantic Cod. The icy cold waters and plenty of nutrients produce a delicious, flavorful yet mild fish that your whole family will enjoy. An excellent low-calorie source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, serve this fish to support heart health, boost brain power, or simply because it tastes incredible.

We all know how healthy seafood is to eat; however, to enjoy it fully, we recommend the following suggestions to Make It Easy!

Fish Fillets

- Sear Medium to High

- 3 to 5 minutes

- Max Finish Temp 145°F

Fish Portions (6-8oz)

- Broil or Bake (350°F Pre-Heated)

- Bake Time 12-20 mins (Thickness)

- Max Finish Temp 145°F

- Seafood Should be Flaky


- Sear Medium to High

- 3 to 5 minutes

- Finish Temp 130-140°F



- Sear Med. High to High

- 45-90 Seconds per side

- Finish Temp 120°F



- Pre-Heat Oven to 350°F

- Baked for 15 minutes

- Use a meat thermometer (140-145°)

- Brush with butter frequently


- Boil Salted Water

- Reduce to Low Bubbling

- 3 to 5 Minutes (3-6oz Tail)

- Add 1 minute for each additional ounce

- Cool immediately in ice water

Please Note: The above guidelines are suggestions only. The average time depends on the size/amount of seafood portions. Stoves and pans also vary in performance, so check color and texture regularly to achieve perfectly cooked seafood. Please use a meat thermometer for accuracy.

Thawing frozen seafood properly is significant not only to ensure the quality of the seafood but also to prevent health risks. For example, all of our seafood has a protective glaze of water to prevent freezer burn-in to ensure quality. Once thawed, gently pat away any excess moisture from the glazing as soon as possible.

We recommend that you follow the USDA’s instructions on safe food handling, which can be found here. We also recommend that all cooking instructions are followed and that you use a food thermometer to ensure that all seafood and other applicable items are cooked to the USDA’s recommended internal temperatures, which can be found here.

Here are a few simple ways how to defrost:

The Refrigerator Method

It might be the longest, but thawing seafood in the refrigerator is undoubtedly the safest way to thaw any protein such as seafood. It also protects the quality of the seafood, providing the best quality-control method. For example, for our Individual Frozen Portions (IFP) or Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) bags like our shrimp and scallops, it can take up to 12- 24 hours to thaw. Please remove from the original package, plate, and cover, or at a minimum, puncture the plastic packaging. Once melted, seafood lasts up to three days in the original packaging. Do not refreeze after thawing.

The Water Method

Here’s how it works:

IFP Portions: Place the seafood in a bowl of cold water (not warm or hot as that starts the cooking process) in the kitchen sink. Change the water now and then or place a constant drip/spray of water to control the temperature. Check the seafood after one hour – it should be fully thawed by then. Cook immediately after thawing.

IQF bags:

Place the desired quantity of seafood (scallops/shrimp) that you will use into another resealable bag.Replace unused IQF seafood immediately back into the freezer.Submerge the sealed bag in a bowl of cold tap water.Let the bag sit in the water until it’s completely thawed, changing the water every 30 minutes, if necessary.

We don’t recommend running under cold water outside of the bag. Cook immediately after thawing.

The Microwave Method

Not always the favorite way, but it’s fast, and the microwave method is undoubtedly the quickest of the three. Still, it’s the least preferred method to preserve the seafood’s quality. But if you forgot to take it out of the freezer and are in a hurry, here’s what you do: make sure you puncture the plastic before placing it in the microwave. Use the “Defrost” function and set the time according to weight. Cook immediately after thawing.

When will my order ship?

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If you need help or have any questions, please get in touch with us at or send a text to +1-877-820-0987.

We will keep you updated via email regarding your order. You'll receive an email with tracking information when your order ships, is out for delivery, and arrives to your door.

Orders must be $129 or more after all discounts and before any tax. All Orders receive FREE SHIPPING.

We can offer expedited shipping at a additional cost. Please contact customer support here.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the continental U.S., as long as it has a street address, not a PO Box


Only From Harvesters We Trust

Samherji Ltd., founded in 1983, is one of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish industry. Samherji is a vertically integrated seafood company operating a fleet of fishing vessels, fish factories, and fish farming. Samherji also exports its products under the "Ice Fresh Seafood" brand. Samherji utilizes the marine resources with respect and in a sustainable way and accordance with acknowledged regulations. Vertical integration from feed to distribution minimizes cost & waste throughout the supply chain. We use the "nose-to-tail" approach in all our production. This means no part of the fish goes to waste.

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Perry D.
United States

Exceptionally good cod from Know Seafood

Firm but tender, with great fresh taste, this Icelandic cod is a superb, high-quality entree that perfectly sets off nearly any side dish of your choice. Bakes quickly and flakes beautifully. Typical of the fine seafood we've enjoyed from Know Seafood for the past year plus.

Selecio G.
United States United States

Wild Icelandic Cod

Great Cod!!! Great Value on special!!!

Maureen A.
United States United States

Consistently excellent!

Never had a bad delivery…always on time & meticulously packed with dry ice. Excellent products at fair prices with excellent service!

United States United States

so far everything has been fresh and delicious..

Fred F.
United States United States

The Best

I have tried lots of fish online but this is the BEST ... by far.

Lothian A.
United States United States

Icelandic cod

Very good quality.

Michael P.
United States United States

Outstanding cod, delicious

You can taste the difference with Know Seafood quality cuts. Easy to cook too!

Toni R.
United States United States

Love the Cod

My favorite!! Recently tried the Salmon special and definitely a close 2nd! The freshness is noticeable and tasteful!

United States United States


Nice taste and texture. Another favorite from Know Seafood.

United States United States


Cod has often been thought of as a chowder fish, nothing more. Not so! This cod from Iceland is a firm, moist, large flaked fish with a mild, sweet flavor. You can bake it, fry it, and yes, make it into a chowder. I made it last night baked in parchment paper with herbs, lemon and asparagus. The whole family loved it! You won’t be disappointed.

Michael P.
United States United States

The highest quality! Outstanding taste!

The highest quality cut of fish I’ve had anywhere!

Barbara C.
United States United States


Absolutely delicious! Can't wait to buy more

Denise D.
United States United States


Ordering and shipping was a breeze! Eating your amazing fish is delightful!

Gregory F.
United States United States

Delicious Cod

The Icelandic cod is delicious batter fried and baked.

Reggie G.
United States United States


Your codfish is good but I asked you the other day did and you didn’t have any so I happen to order some from someone else but I’ll be back to you to get more codfish and you didn’t have any red snapper, I love orange fish because is five times better and getting it from the store

Robert C.
United States United States

Have not eaten yet; but know it will be good

We have purchased seafood from Know Seafood and we live in a shore town in the Tidewater area of Virginia and we have had only one small issue with one filet and you addressed it immediately. We will continue to use Knowseafood for our primary store for all of our seafood needs. You are excellent in product, service and support. Thanks