Rainbow Trout Fillets

Contains two 5-6 oz. portions

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Our PezCo Rainbow Trout fillets are humanely raised in natural spring waters from the Andes Mountains. Our Rainbow Trout fillets are fed a plant-based diet free of antibiotics or additives. Surprisingly flavorful and very easy to prepare and cook, you will understand why PezCo Rainbow Trout Fillets are frequently featured on menus from coast to coast by the country's top chefs. A versatile delicacy, our Rainbow Trout Fillets can be easily prepared for various dishes! 

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Defrost quickly in cold water or overnight in a refrigerator.

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Trusted Harvester

KnowSeafood works only with harvesters who maintain the highest sustainability standards, are committed to environmental protection and are actively engaged in corporate social responsibility.

PezCo, our rainbow trout harvester, is owned and operated by brothers Juan-Carlos and Luis-Ignacio Libreros. With decades of experience and a commitment to the highest international standards, their responsibility to nature and the local community is deeply rooted in their foundational values.

Working with government organizations, Juan-Carlos, Luis-Ignacio, and the PezCo organization helped retrain and provide meaningful and rewarding employment to many of the indigenous Colombian natives that were compromised during the drug war conflict.

PezCo production systems are certified as Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) by the Global Aquaculture Alliance & Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The processing facilities employ Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are Hazard Analysis- and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-certified.


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