Seafood that you can trust and enjoy, delivered direct to you!

Hello! We are Paul Neves & Dan McQuade and we have known seafood for decades. We have been very involved in all aspects of the seafood industry and we’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it has been to try to change how the seafood industry has been operating. There are so many middlemen, so many issues with quality, sustainability, transparency, mislabeling and food safety, which has led to consumers not to trust seafood

It’s time to get rid of the middlemen!

Today, KnowSeafood is doing just that! KnowSeafood is working directing with global harvesters, sourcing the highest quality from the best regions of the world, utilizing blockchain technology to follow the seafood from the point of harvest right to our customers tables. We are enabling our customers to be part of KnowSeafood. Become a KnowBuddy! To join a community of fish loving food nerds, sharing their experiences and recipes with each other.

We only offer seafood that is grown or managed in a sustainable manner, using environmentally friendly packaging, even shipping to you from our facility which is net zero carbon. This is a critical piece of our philosophy that supports our goal to reduce global challenges, such as climate change - one of the greatest threats to wild seafood, bio-diversity, and malnutrition.

Our mission is having our customers eat healthy, natural, sustainable seafood more often. KnowWho, KnowWhere, KnowHow, KnowSeafood. Join and support us so that we can bring you sustainable, natural seafood you can finally trust and enjoy, direct from the harvester to your table