Bay Scallop Chowder

Bay Scallop Chowder

The renowned Lobster Slider sounds as prestigious as it tastes. This quick recipe combines cooked lobster meat and soft slider rolls with a delicious creamy and crunchy sauce to create the perfect appetizer.

To achieve the unique taste and texture of the sauce, we always ensure to stock up on mayonnaise, celery, pickles, tarragon, parsley, and lemon zest beforehand. Our team at Know Seafood always recommends using fresh ingredients to achieve the most flavorsome taste possible. Plus, we always add the commonly used and freshly ground salt and pepper seasoning to further enhance the flavor of the dish.

The lobster meat is a healthy exchange for the typical greasy food we’ve seen people use as appetizers. Thus, we always tend to cut 2 cups of 1/2-inch chunks to ensure they fit the bite-size portions. Since we’ve noticed that some people struggle with getting the right dosage, the whole dish usually takes around four lobster tails, which you can order through our website.

While many people tend to think that the sauce and lobster meat are the main ingredients, the Lobster Slider isn’t finished until the butter melts on the rolls. Each piece is carefully cut in the middle and heated on a medium-heat skillet. The golden crispy insides of the slider rolls add to the overall feel and texture, making it a one-bite delight!

Before we spread the lobster mix on the bottom halves, we always ensure we’ve stirred it well so that the ingredients are equally dispersed within the sauce. Once we’ve finished dividing this dish into bite-size portions, we get eight servings of Lobster Slider that act as the ideal appetizer to pass around during gameday! And with its irreplaceable buttery bread aroma, our guests are always pleasantly surprised that all it takes to make this dish is a 10-minute prep time.