Know why it matters
100% Recyclable Insulation

We also use renewable and post-consumer insulation materials. Our Vericool® insulation not only keeps your seafood perfectly frozen as it’s on the way to your home, but it also eliminates manufacturing waste. Our packaging meets compostable and curbside recyclable standards.

Seafood is Eco-Friendly

Seafood has a smaller carbon footprint than many other animal proteins because fishing doesn't require farmland or livestock care. The more abundant a fishery, from a climate change perspective, will be less greenhouse gas-intensive. Shipping frozen via boats vs. airplanes also reduces the carbon footprint.

Zero Net Carbon Facility

Our fulfillment facility, located on the waterfront in New Bedford, MA, is completely run-on renewable energy resources. From our freezers and coolers down to the energy we use to print our labels, we are hyper-conscious of the energy we are using and do everything we can to maintain a net-zero-carbon facility. We will continue in our efforts to be a part of a global effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Company We Keep – Partners with the Same Mission

UPS is on track to reach its goal to have 25 percent of vehicles purchased in 2020 run on alternative fuel or advanced technology, Our Harvesters are now  working to reduce their use of plastics with new alternatives such as “10K film” and  recyclable cardboard instead of plastic trays.