How to Get Seafood Smell Out of House

How to Get Seafood Smell Out of House

Fish is one of the best sources of protein. It is nutritious and enjoyable food. Unfortunately, when cooking fish, your home smells even after washing the dishes. This doesn’t mean to stop cooking. On the contrary, continue enjoying your seafood lunch or dinner in the comfort of your home as we will show you how to get seafood smell out of house.

Check our odor removal tips to make your home smell nice again in no time!

How to Get Seafood Smell Out of House

The seafood smell is strong and does not leave the house quickly. So, how long does it usually take for the seafood smell to dissipate from a house? Believe it or not, fish odor can stay inside your home for hours if you do not do something to eliminate it. That is why people after getting those fresh fish boxes and cooking them, try different methods to get rid of the smell, and some even stop preparing it at home. That is not necessary, though, as we will help you.

If you want to get rid of the seafood smell, we recommend trying these effective solutions.

How to Get Seafood Smell Out of House
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Boil citrus peels 

As a company that works with fish and seafood, we know the power of citrus fruits. Those fruits smell so fresh and you can feel the smell even when thrown in the garbage. 

Knowing how strong and fresh these fruits smell, we advise you to peel a lime, lemon, mandarin, or orange and boil the peels. The citrus smell will make your home smell nice again very quickly.

Brew coffee and leave the grounds out

Coffee has a beautiful aroma. But the best thing is that it can absorb other smells because it contains nitrogen. This helps coffee to neutralize odors in the air safely and quickly. That is why we know that the smell of brewing coffee will clear the fish odor. 

If the seafood smell is persistent, we suggest leaving coffee grounds on a baking sheet and leaving them in the kitchen overnight. 

Burn a scented candle

Today, there are countless candle scents on the market. We tend to buy scented candles as souvenirs, but they are pretty efficient in these situations.

So, we suggest you light one or more scented candles. After a while, they will clear the seafood odor and make your house smell fresh and clean.

Use baking soda to remove the smell from fabrics

If someone from your house went fishing and brought a strong fish odor on their clothes, you must wonder what household products can I use to get rid of the seafood smell. One household product that we recommend is baking soda, which proved efficient against fish smells. 

Soak clothes, aprons, and towels in a bucket with warm water and three or four cups of baking soda. This will neutralize the odor, and you can wash them regularly afterward.

Clean the house and let some air flowing

If you have time to clean the house right away, this is great. Cleaning with different detergents with nice, fresh odors will help get rid of the persistent fish smell.

If you can’t open the windows because it’s too cold or hot outside, even just briefly opening them to let some fresh air in can help get rid of any lingering smells. Throwing the garbage away immediately is also great since, many times, all the bad smells come from there. 

After the ventilation, you can switch the air purifier and add essential oils or light some scented candles.

Clean the house and let some air flowing
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Prepare a bowl of vinegar

If your house smells like fish days after cooking, preparing a bowl of boiled vinegar and water and putting it where the smell is the strongest will help neutralize the smell.

If you feel a fish odor coming from the oven, you can leave the oven to cool down and clean it with a mixture of water and vinegar.


Now that you have cleaning tips and methods on how to get seafood smell out of house, enjoying seafood at home will be more pleasant. Among the many ways, we suggest trying to clean your house right away and throw away the garbage, light scented candles, boil some citrus peels, brew coffee, or prepare a mixture of water and vinegar to neutralize the smell. You can use baking soda to get rid of the smell from your clothes or towels, too. 

Remember that whatever you choose to do, getting rid of strong odors might take a combination of these methods and persistence.

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