Fresh is Better Frozen


How We are Different

Deep-freezing seafood at the peak of freshness keeps it pristine and safe. But grocery stores sell previously frozen and re-frozen fish as “fresh” without distinction or dates, leaving shoppers without any way to tell if their seafood was responsibly caught, processed, and stored.

At KnowSeafood, our promise to you is that ALL of our seafood has only been frozen once!

How Fresh is Fresh?

Only once frozen! That’s the big difference with all our seafood. There are many other seafood companies that offer seafood that has been frozen, thawed, and frozen at least once or many times. How can you tell? Taste, smell, color, and that “fishy” smell after you cooked it in your kitchen. Even true fresh seafood can be over 14-21 days old from the point of harvest until you consume it at home.

0°F or -70°F?

Your freezers at home are kept at about 0° F. Great for keeping Ice Cream frozen and your other frozen foods. Our seafood is blast frozen at extreme temperatures of -70°F or more, which means a fillet, shrimp, or lobster tail is frozen within minutes at these temperatures. This method seals in the freshness without breaking down the cells of the seafood, which means locking in that fabulous taste.

Why Blast Frozen?

The FDA recommends that Sushi restaurants only offer raw seafood that has been blast frozen and maintained frozen for a significant amount of time before it is thawed and served safely. (Now you know why our seafood is Sushi and Sashimi Quality!)

Our transparent and tracked supply chain guarantees that your KnowSeafood thaws only once: when you pull it from your home freezer and dive into dinner.