“KnowBuddies” Box
“KnowBuddies” Box
“KnowBuddies” Box
“KnowBuddies” Box
“KnowBuddies” Box
“KnowBuddies” Box

“KnowBuddies” Box

18 Servings - $8.28 per serving!

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What's in your “KnowBuddies” Box

(4) Servings, Wild Sea Scallops 10-20 ct. (1 lb.) 
(4) Servings, Wild Jumbo Raw Shrimp (1 lb.)
(2) 5-6 oz. Rainbow Trout Fillets 
(4) 4 oz. Maine Lobster Tails 
(4) 6 oz. Norwegian Salmon Portions

That's $8.28 per serving!

Amazing!! The KnowBuddies favorite box contains our top favorite seafood items. Yes, it is incredible what's in this box! (This is KnowSeafood's Co-Founder Paul's Favorite Box). Everything is effortless to make in so many different ways. That's 18 servings of the 'Best of KnowSeafood'! Enjoy!   

We all know how healthy seafood is to eat; however, to enjoy it fully, we recommend the following suggestions to Make It Easy!

Fish Fillets

- Sear Medium to High

- 3 to 5 minutes

- Max Finish Temp 145°F

Fish Portions (6-8oz)

- Broil or Bake (350°F Pre-Heated)

- Bake Time 12-20 mins (Thickness)

- Max Finish Temp 145°F

- Seafood Should be Flaky


- Sear Medium to High

- 3 to 5 minutes

- Finish Temp 130-140°F



- Sear Med. High to High

- 45-90 Seconds per side

- Finish Temp 120°F



- Pre-Heat Oven to 350°F

- Baked for 15 minutes

- Use a meat thermometer (140-145°)

- Brush with butter frequently


- Boil Salted Water

- Reduce to Low Bubbling

- 3 to 5 Minutes (3-6oz Tail)

- Add 1 minute for each additional ounce

- Cool immediately in ice water

Please Note: The above guidelines are suggestions only. The average time depends on the size/amount of seafood portions. Stoves and pans also vary in performance, so check color and texture regularly to achieve perfectly cooked seafood. Please use a meat thermometer for accuracy.

Thawing frozen seafood properly is significant not only to ensure the quality of the seafood but also to prevent health risks. For example, all of our seafood has a protective glaze of water to prevent freezer burn-in to ensure quality. Once thawed, gently pat away any excess moisture from the glazing as soon as possible.

We recommend that you follow the USDA’s instructions on safe food handling, which can be found here. We also recommend that all cooking instructions are followed and that you use a food thermometer to ensure that all seafood and other applicable items are cooked to the USDA’s recommended internal temperatures, which can be found here.

Here are a few simple ways how to defrost:

The Refrigerator Method

It might be the longest, but thawing seafood in the refrigerator is undoubtedly the safest way to thaw any protein such as seafood. It also protects the quality of the seafood, providing the best quality-control method. For example, for our Individual Frozen Portions (IFP) or Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) bags like our shrimp and scallops, it can take up to 12- 24 hours to thaw. Please remove from the original package, plate, and cover, or at a minimum, puncture the plastic packaging. Once melted, seafood lasts up to three days in the original packaging. Do not refreeze after thawing.

The Water Method

Here’s how it works:

IFP Portions: Place the seafood in a bowl of cold water (not warm or hot as that starts the cooking process) in the kitchen sink. Change the water now and then or place a constant drip/spray of water to control the temperature. Check the seafood after one hour – it should be fully thawed by then. Cook immediately after thawing.

IQF bags:

Place the desired quantity of seafood (scallops/shrimp) that you will use into another resealable bag.Replace unused IQF seafood immediately back into the freezer.Submerge the sealed bag in a bowl of cold tap water.Let the bag sit in the water until it’s completely thawed, changing the water every 30 minutes, if necessary.

We don’t recommend running under cold water outside of the bag. Cook immediately after thawing.

The Microwave Method

Not always the favorite way, but it’s fast, and the microwave method is undoubtedly the quickest of the three. Still, it’s the least preferred method to preserve the seafood’s quality. But if you forgot to take it out of the freezer and are in a hurry, here’s what you do: make sure you puncture the plastic before placing it in the microwave. Use the “Defrost” function and set the time according to weight. Cook immediately after thawing.

When will my order ship?

We ship all orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Orders placed before 12pm EST on those days will ship same day. Orders placed after 12pm EST on Wednesday will ship the following Monday. All orders ship via 2 day shipping.

We will keep you updated via email regarding your order. You'll receive an email with tracking information when your order ships, is out for delivery, and arrives to your door.

Orders must be $99 or more after all discounts and before any tax. All Orders receive FREE SHIPPING.

We can offer expedited shipping at a additional cost. Please contact customer support here.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the continental U.S., as long as it has a street address, not a PO Box


What’s in the Box?

Each box has been personally curated by our crew, along with some help from our KnowBuddies! Here is what this box has to offer!

Lobster Tails

Harvested off the coast of Owls Head, Maine, our "Rocky Coast" Lobster Tails are the perfect size for taste and tenderness. These cold-water lobsters have a sweetness and a distinct flavor that you can taste whether you boil, broil, bake, or steam. The high quality of these new Maine lobster tails makes it easy to use for stuffing and even easier to pick out the delicious meat when ready to eat. 

Norwegian Salmon
Indulge in our Norwegian Skinless Salmon portions, perfect for those looking to buy salmon online. Sourced from the frigid arctic Norwegian fjords, these farm-raised salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, offering a superb alternative to wild caught seafood. These versatile portions can be oven-baked, pan-seared, grilled, or even served raw for sushi and sashimi. Get this seafood to your door today for a rich, milder flavor that will have you ordering more premium seafood online!
Jumbo Mexican Blue Shrimp

Collaborating closely with artisanal fishermen, Del Pacifico Blue Mexican Shrimp became the first shrimp company in the world to receive Fair Trade Certification after meeting all requirements relating to labor, trade, and responsible environmental practices. Our shrimp are peeled and deveined by hand. This shrimp can be cooked and eaten without any extra steps, and you will love the texture and sweet flavor.
Rainbow Trout Fillets

Our PezCo Rainbow Trout fillets are humanely raised in natural spring waters from the Andes Mountains. Our Rainbow Trout fillets are fed a plant-based diet free of antibiotics or additives. Surprisingly flavorful and very easy to prepare and cook, you will understand why PezCo Rainbow Trout Fillets are frequently featured on menus from coast to coast by the country's top chefs. A versatile delicacy, our Rainbow Trout Fillets can be easily prepared for various dishes! 

Wild Sea Scallops

Our "Frozen at Sea" 10-20 count wild sea scallops are the best you can get! Each scallop is hand-shucked, and selected for quality and sizing. and then frozen immediately out at sea. Next to catching them yourselves, you won't find a better-tasting scallop! Our KnowSeafood Sea Scallops are never processed with any additives or preservatives; you will see a difference when cooking and eating them.

Deliciously meaty and sweet, these wild-caught sea scallops are loaded with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B-12. The perfect size for baking and sautéing, Wild Caught Sea Scallops will become a go-to favorite for you to serve to family and friends. 

Important! When you thaw our Wild Sea Scallops, please remove them from the bag. Thaw in a strainer, or on a plate with paper towels to absorb the glaze. Pat dry before cooking!

“Wild Alaska Salmon” Box
14 servings line-caught by Alaskan fishermen. Mild and delicate with a leaner meat.
Wild Alaska Black Cod

2 servings line-caught off the coast of Alaska. Savory and buttery with a silky texture.

Lobster Tails

2 servings from the North Atlantic Ocean. Tender & succulent with a distinct sweet flavor.

Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

2 servings sustainably hand & pole caught. Sweet mild flavor with a steak-like firmness.

Get free seafood!


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A KnowSeafood Customer
Marialyce W.
United States United States


Everything we have purchased has been great!

United States United States


I like my product and was happy with the packaging. I also received it within two days after it was shipped.

United States United States

Great seafood

Excellent Great fresh tasty seafood Cant wait to order some for the summer Love the black cod

Lou S.
United States United States

Great fish

I cold smoked the cobia, and it was delicious. I have smoked the trout too, excellent. The scallops are great in a red sauce.

Robert W.
United States United States

Excellent so fresh & cost was perfect.

Joseph W.
United States United States

Good stuff

I have ordered several boxes now and all the same great products at good prices. I highly recommend to anyone that likes fish and seafood.

Timothy F.
United States United States

More in KNOWBUDDIES Than pictured

This is my first shipment from knowseafood. Everything arrived still well frozen. Salmon is delicious. Make sure to read what’s included because it’s more than what is shown in the picture above

United States United States

Happy in Michigan!

First time buyer, tried the Knowbuddies box… arrived Perfectly. Shrimp tacos & grilled Rainbow trout & salmon so far… All DELICIOUS! Looking forward to our next feast with lobster tails, scallops & more shrimp! Love the recipe selection & helpful tips… Thank You!

Paul P.
United States United States

5 Stars

I purchased the Knowbuddies box as a gift. The recipients were very impressed and appreciative. Thank you KnowSeafood.

Paulette W.
United States United States

Excellent quality!

This was my second shipment from Know Buddy! It always arrives frozen and the quality and freshness is superb. It's wonderful to get fresh seafood in Dallas, Texas!

Jennifer D.
United States United States


I used most of this box as a birthday feast when a few friends came over. Everything was wonderful, of course. Everyone kept commenting on how delicious the seafood was, not just the way it was cooked but the freshness and sweetness of it all. I love Know Seafood!

KnowSeafood “KnowBuddies” Box ReviewKnowSeafood “KnowBuddies” Box ReviewKnowSeafood “KnowBuddies” Box ReviewKnowSeafood “KnowBuddies” Box Review
United States United States


High quality. Very well packaged. Great fro meal planning.

Steve B.
United States United States

Know buddies box is my favorite

I’ve ordered this box several times. All of the things I love. You will not be disappointed.

Deborah O.
United States United States

KnowBuddies Box

It was awesome! I love EVERYTHING that I received. I will order again and again and again. Thank you!

Jessica W.
United States United States

Favorite seafood delivery

I absolutely love knowseafood. I get amazing quality products at a reasonable price.

United States United States

The best seafood!

We love this seafood! It’s amazing, fresh, not fishy and we receive it promptly. If you have never tried it take the plunge and order. You will not be disappointed!