Aurora Salmon is raised in fjords surrounded by the magnificent scenery of northern Norway with its spectacular light. The feed for Aurora Salmon results from a wide range of conscious choices to ensure the fish get all the vitamins and nutrients they need without introducing antibiotics into their diets. They are also fed with microalgae to secure a high level of health, benefitting omega3-fatty acids.

Additionally, the free-flowing marine waters keep the fish healthy, active, and stress-free, contributing to the clean taste and flakey texture they’re known for. Aurora Salmon has the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids than any other salmon that we tested against. So, if you’re looking for the world’s best salmon, you’ve found it here!

3 products

3 products

Aurora Salmon
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Contains two 6 oz. portions

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Aurora Salmon Poke
20 reviews

Contains 1 pound (3-4 servings)

Norwegian Salmon Burgers
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Contains four 4 oz. patties