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“Sushi/Sashimi” Box
16 servings of sushi-grade seafood.
Impeccably flavorful, and best eaten raw.
“KnowBuddies” Box
18 servings of your favorite seafood.
Assortment from Jumbo Shrimp to Wild Scallops.
“Call of the Wild” Box

18 servings of wild & sustainably harvested seafood. 
Six Favorites from Yellowfin Tuna to Maine Lobsters.

“The Six-Pack” Box
22 servings of six of our top seafood offerings.
Assortment from Mahi-Mahi to Rainbow Trout.
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“Aqua-Farm to Table” Box

22 servings of sustainably raised seafood.
Reduces the impact of overfished wild species.

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“Work-It-Out” Box
18 servings of natural, protein-rich seafood.
Compliments your fitness and recovery.
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“Wild Alaska Salmon” Box
14 servings line-caught by Alaskan fishermen.
Mild and delicate with a leaner meat.
“North & South” Box

18 servings of seafood from both North & South Regions. 
Assortment from Mexican Bay Scallops to Maine Lobster Tails.

“Pesca Paleo” Box
18 servings of vitamin rich, high protein seafood.
Our picks for a paleo-friendly diet.
“Katch our Keto” Box
18 servings of healthy-fat, low carb seafood.
Perfect for a keto-friendly diet.

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