cooked wild icelandic cod on a white plate with sauce and veggiesKnowSeafood Icelandic Cod on a White Plate smaller image
direct from Iceland! Two (6oz) Portions

Wild Caught Cod

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two raw wild icelandic cod portions
Wild Icelandic Cod

2 Portions of wild-caught off the Iceland Coast. Mild & delicate flavor!

one pound of raw yellowfin tuna poke on a marble table
Yellowfin Tuna Poke

1 pound of world-class sashimi quality yellowfin tuna. Makes 4 delicious Poke bowls.

raw jumbo mexican blue shrimp on table
Jumbo Mexican Blue Shrimp

16 oz. of Wildly Delicious Raw Shrimp. 21-25 count,"Shell Off"

two raw yellowfin tuna steaks
Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

Two sushi-quality portions - sweet and mild, with a steak-like firmness. Buy More, Save More!

two raw icelandic haddock portions
Wild Icelandic Haddock

Two Portions from the South Coast of Iceland! Sweet, mild, and flaky.  Buy More, Save More!

raw diver caught bay scallops on table
Diver Caught Bay Scallops

3-4 servings diver caught from Sechura Bay, Peru. Sushi-grade; sweet and creamy. 

two raw cobia fillets on a cutting board
Open Blue Cobia Fillets

(2) 6-8 oz. Fillets raised off the coast of Panama. Mild buttery taste with a flaky texture.

Colossal Cooked Shrimp

16 oz. No preservatives or chemicalS. 21-25 count cooked with a firm & delicious taste.

two raw branzino fillets
Branzino Fillets

Two Aegean Sea fillets with a moist & flaky sweet flavor. Buy More, Save More!

two raw rainbow trout fillets
Rainbow Trout Fillets

Two fillets of the Andes Mountain Region, with a mild & delicate flavor. 

chunks of raw yellowfin tuna saku
Yellowfin Tuna Saku

A “Saku” block of Sashimi quality tuna. Tender, sweet flavor, be your own Itamae.

1 pound of raw wild sea scallops on a table
Wild Sea Scallops

3-4 servings hand-shucked off the North Atlantic Ocean. Deliciously meaty and sweet.

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We offer top-quality seafood delivery to your door, including salmon, scallops, and lobster. Browse our virtual counter and discover old & new favorites from our gilled and shelled seafood selection.


Our seafood ensures happy taste buds with no fishy origins, and we provide transparency on where the catch came from through our blockchain technology. (Told you we were serious about seafood delivery!)


KnowSeafood values sustainability in the seafood industry. We recognize the impact of seafood delivery on species survival, the environment, and the community, including the effects of climate change on water temperatures.

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