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What Sustainable Seafood Means

Sustainable seafood means maintaining a healthy population of each species so it can remain productive across the ecosystem. Effectively managed seafood harvesting must prevent harm to any species or its habitat.

We all need to work in unison, thinking globally, and acting locally, to change these threats to our environment. For seafood lovers, it starts with what you eat and where it comes from.

We Support the Mission of these Organizations

KnowWhy This is Important


We constantly adapt to the changing environment, both globally and locally, working to minimize our impact. By introducing exciting underutilized seafood, we expand palates while reducing the impact on stressed species that need time to recover.


We offer only seafood products that do not harm wildlife or the ecosystems in which they thrive. Because 80-85% of wild-caught species suffer from overfishing, we offer sustainably aqua-farmed seafood as well as wild-caught fish.


Rising ocean temperatures have forced the migration, or worst, the elimination of many seafood species. It’s happening everywhere, at an alarmingly rapid pace. We are seeing a rapid increase in parasites, the first indication of rising ocean temperatures.


Ocean plastic pollution is killing off marine life, but we have the power to stop it. It’s happening locally, and it’s happening globally and at a rapid pace. We all need to work in unison, think globally, act locally to change these threats to our environment. Let’s make this something we hand down to the next generation.