Simple, Sophisticated, And Super Delicious

Get inspired and see how simple it is to make restaurant level quality seafood at home. Whether you’re in the mood for salmon, tuna poke, or lobster tails, browse and try one of these fun and easy recipes for your next meal.

Eat Seafood to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Look down at your plate. Did you know that the proteins you put on your plate require an incredible amount of energy to get there? In fact, all foods we eat have a climate impact. A recent New York Times...
Putting the TRU in seafood TRUST
That beautiful Jumbo Sea Scallop you’re about to put a beautiful pan sear on. What do you know about it? Where was it harvested? Who was the harvester? What date? When was it frozen? And how many times? Or is...
Why You Should Cook More Seafood
Even as Americans eat more seafood each year, they still fall significantly below the United States Department of Agriculture recommendation – averaging just 16.1 pounds per person each year (or about five ounces each week). The current dietary guidelines for...
Sustainable Seafood
What Is Sustainable Seafood? Sustainable seafood is any type of fish or shellfish that people can eat without harming or jeopardizing its ability to continue living and thriving – or the ability of any other species to do so. Around...

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The salmon was very tasty and easy to cook.

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This is the place to order the best.

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Delicious and very well-received by my family.

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My whole family loves this salmon.

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Best shrimp ever

May 15th 2022

Best tails we ever bought!

May 15th 2022

Salmon was light and flaky. The flavor was perfect.

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We put this on the grill and it is oh, so good!

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High quality. Very well packaged.

May 15th 2022