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Putting the TRU in seafood TRUST

That beautiful Jumbo Sea Scallop you’re about to put a beautiful pan sear on. What do you know about it? Where was it harvested? Who was the harvester? What date? When was it frozen? And how many times?

Or is it a … fraud?

According to a March 2021 report in The Guardian newspaper, there's a very good chance that the seafood on your family's plate isn't what you think it is. Other prior studies (47% of restaurant sushi in California; 25% of New York grocery stores) say the same thing: Fraud and additives in the seafood industry are rampant - and not getting any better.

And what about your humble Jumbo Sea Scallop, dusted with salt and pepper, and awaiting your sizzling pan? Yup, there’s a good chance it’s not even a Jumbo Sea Scallop. According to Food Sanity author Dr. David Friedman, scallops are the most counterfeited food.

"Scallops are normally 65 to 75 percent water when they are harvested from the ocean. According to a Boston Globe investigation of moisture content in scallops collected from 21 Massachusetts supermarkets, many scallops sold contained water levels far exceeding industry standards! For example, Target’s “wild caught all natural sea scallops’’ was 85 percent water, while New England Wild Jumbo Scallops at Trader Joe’s were 86 percent water, according to findings from an independent lab. Consumers are paying $10/lb. for added water weight!

The FDA used to require scallops with more than 80 percent water to be labeled as “moisture added,” and those with more than 84 percent water were deemed “not suitable for sale.” However, these restrictions were too hard to enforce so they were lifted."

At current prices, $15 - $35 per pound, depending on size, that’s the most expensive pint of water you’ll ever buy! And it adds up. In fact, the Grocery Manufacturers Association estimated that seafood fraud may cost US consumers up to $15 billion a year.

It’s no wonder Americans are only eating 16 pounds of seafood per year, (the US Department of Health recommends 26). By comparison, Americans eat 222 pounds of beef, chicken and pork combined per year.

Somewhat independent of seafood fraud is the notion of freezing. When you step into your local seafood market, you see the product packed in ice and think, “yum, fresh off the boat!” But think again. Because of the way your local market and restaurant source their seafood, it can be handled by up to a half-dozen middlemen. Each one increases the price, and can defrost and freeze your fish. It can still ultimately be sold as “fresh,” but the taste, quality and nutritional value have been compromised.

So how can you ever trust your fish monger ever again? You're in the right place.


Or as we like to say, “When you KNOW, you know!”

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