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Seafood Boxes

“Sushi/Sashimi” Box
16 servings of sushi-grade seafood.
Impeccably flavorful, and best eaten raw.
“Call of the Wild” Box

18 servings of wild & sustainably harvested seafood. 
Six Favorites from Yellowfin Tuna to Maine Lobsters.

“Aurora Salmon” Box

14 servings of sushi quality from Norway’s Arctic Circle. 
Rich and sweet in flavor with a flaky texture.

“KnowBuddies” Box
18 servings of your favorite seafood.
Assortment from Jumbo Shrimp to Wild Scallops.
“North & South” Box

18 servings of seafood from both North & South Regions. 
Assortment from Mexican Bay Scallops to Maine Lobster Tails.

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“The Six-Pack” Box
22 servings of six of our top seafood offerings.
Assortment from Mahi-Mahi to Rainbow Trout.
“Pesca Paleo” Box
18 servings of vitamin rich, high protein seafood.
Our picks for a paleo-friendly diet.
“Katch our Keto” Box
18 servings of healthy-fat, low carb seafood.
Perfect for a keto-friendly diet.

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