Sechura Bay, located on the northwestern tip of Peru, is home to one of the most interesting fisheries in the world. Each day during the harvest season, divers go out to a dedicated zone of the bay and dive around 10-16 feet to hand pick our Arteseans delicate sweet scallops right off the bay floor.

Without impacting the environment, our harvester, Ian Hanschke, and his divers work meticulously to pick the best scallops to fill their daily quota. Once the daily catch is filled, the boats go directly to the dock and are unloaded into refrigerated trucks. Within hours, all of the scallops are shucked, cleaned, and blast frozen at state-of-the-art facilities nearby.

Considered an aqua-farmed fishery, juvenile scallops are caught outside of Sechura Bay, placed in the zones, then allowed to grow naturally in these nutrient-dense waters. You will truly enjoy the uniqueness of the natural, Arteseans Diver-Caught Bay Scallops. Try them for yourself!

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Diver Caught Bay Scallops
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