KS Signature Haddock

Harvested in an area in the North Atlantic called Georges Bank, our wild-caught, sustainable KnowSeafood Signature haddock fillets have been a New England favorite for generations. Wild North Atlantic haddock has a delicate and slightly sweet taste. Some customers who enjoy our wild-caught haddock also love sablefish or black cod for its rich flavor. 

Fishing out of our home town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the local fishermen sail their trawlers to this nutrient-dense body of water and spend a few days towing their nets to land these native fish. Since there are limitations to how much wild haddock can be harvested, fish are caught to a quota and are not overfished. When you buy Atlantic haddock online from KnowSeafood, you’re supporting our sustainable harvest initiatives.

Once back to the New Bedford docks, these fresh wild caught haddock are processed, hand-filleted, packaged, and blast-frozen within hours of being caught.

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1 product

Wild Haddock
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Contains two 6 oz. portions