KS Signature Scallops

KnowSeafood Signature Wild Caught Sea Scallops, harvested in the deep Northeast Atlantic Ocean, are considered one of the most highly sought-after delicacies of the ocean. These sea scallops in the wild are larger than bay scallops and found in cold waters. Scallops in wild waters have a rich, delectable flavor and a sweetness consumers love!

Many of our harvesters are generational independent fishermen who have been handed down a legacy of responsible fishing. Today our harvesters have limitations to days at sea, the number of crew members, and where and how many scallops may be landed in order to maintain a sustainable level of wild sea scallops for those next generations of fishermen.

Our KS Signature Sea Scallops are harvested, hand-cut, and packed on ice while out at sea. Our wild sea scallops are then brought to shore within days of harvest, then graded for quality, packed, and frozen immediately. 

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1 product

Wild Sea Scallops
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Contains 1 pound (3-4 servings)