Oceano Seafood

Oceano Seafood is located in the largest and most biodiverse ocean in the world, responsibly capturing the Pacific’s best seafood by working with thousands of Peruvian artisanal fishermen. Together, we maintain the highest standards of fishing practices to protect the Pacific’s resources and delicate ecosystem.

Oceano mahi-mahi are harvested from these waters from October to April by hundreds of artisanal day boats that work with agencies, such as the Peruvian Institute of the Sea, to improve the sustainability of the fishery and lessen the impact on the other species mahi-mahi coexist with.

All of our Oceano mahi-mahi can be linked to the individual boats used on each trip to ensure that short- and long-term sustainability standards are always met. If you're looking for healthy and sustainable seafood, try purchasing our Mahi Mahi for sale today.

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1 product

Mahi Mahi
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Contains two 5-7 oz. portions