Pacifico Aquaculture

Pacifico Striped Bass is a sustainably open ocean raised off the shores of Baja California.

We are carefully selecting broodstock breeding characteristics best for our fish and our customers. Our Striped Bass is based on natural growth performance and never practices any form of genetic modification.

The fingerlings enjoy 60-90 days in a highly protective and monitored environment inside our hatchery until each fish is ready to be moved to our open ocean grow-out site at Todos Santos Island. The fish are stocked with plenty of room to swim and grow in floating sea cages at our ocean grow-out site on Todos Santos Island. They swim in the Pacific's clear, cold, clean waters until they reach market size, which typically takes 18-24 months.

Partnering with an FDA, EU, and HAACP certified processing plant in Ensenada, a short boat ride away from our grow-out site. Our fish, right out of the water, are cleaned and packed for shipment to KnowSeafood.

Ocean raised Pacifico Striped Bass maintains an appearance, flavor, and texture that holds up to any preparation.

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