Seafood Producers Coop.

Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) is North America’s oldest and most successful fishermen’s co-op. Since 1944, SPC has been delivering premium-quality seafood caught on hook and line by families of fishermen. Of the co-op’s members, 397 calls Alaska home, and 216 have Sitka as their mailing address. Many of our members fish with family, either as husband-wife teams and/or with their children. Others hire deckhands while many of our members fish alone, enjoying the special connection they have with the ocean. One Fish at A Time is the gold standard for sustainability and is a traditional fishing method that results in extremely high-quality fish. Careful handling of Seafood Producers Cooperative fish results in the highest quality seafood you can find!

Catching fish, fish that feeds people, makes them happy, and provides a healthy protein for their diets, is an experience the SPC fishermen and families hold dear, taking their work very seriously and take pride in their work quality.

When you get fish from a fishermen’s co-op, you get the fish from a fisherman.


4 products

4 products

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Sablefish "Black Cod"

Contains two 5-7 oz. portions

34 reviews
By Seafood Producers Cooperative
Wild Alaska Halibut

Contains two 7-9 oz. portions

29 reviews
By Seafood Producers Cooperative
Wild "Dingle" Lingcod

Contains two 6-8 oz. portions

2 reviews
By Seafood Producers Cooperative
Wild Alaska Coho Salmon

Contains two 5-7 oz. portions

By Seafood Producers Cooperative