Nordic Inc.

Nordic Wild Caught Sea Scallops, harvested in the deep Northeast Atlantic Ocean, are considered one of the most highly sought after delicacies of the ocean.

Dan and Daneen Eilertsen are the owners and operators of Nordic and have been harvesting scallops in these waters for decades. The six scallop vessels Nordic uses are considered the best in the New Bedford, MA fleet, as each vessel is constantly upgraded with new technology and procedures.

Committed to sustainability, the Nordic Wild Caught Sea Scallop is one of the greatest recoveries of an overfished fishery and this has a lot to do with fisherman like Dan. Dan works closely with and offers his fleet to the NOAA Marine Fisheries, and the University of Massachusetts throughout the year for ocean surveys of not only sea scallops, but also for other at-risk species such as cod and flounder.

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