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Rocky Coast Lobster Tails from Maine! Just these words are really all that is needed to know that these lobsters are the best. Direct from the day boats that are fishing out of Owls Head, Maine, these fresh Maine lobster tails are hauled from the bottom of these deep cold North Atlantic waters and brought to the dock hours later. Here’s a few reasons why Maine Lobster Tails make a difference.

The colder the water, the sweeter the meat! Succulent and buttery, our lobster tails from Maine come with the most meat to the tail…the favorite part of the lobster for many lobster lovers. Next is the size of the lobster. The larger a lobster gets, the less meat in the tail and also can be a little tougher as well. Our Rocky Coast lobsters can only be under 5 inches in the body length, which means you are getting the best tasting lobster. Our sustainably-sourced fresh Maine lobster tails can’t be beat in flavor or quality!

Boats are out by 6 in the morning, off-loading by 2 in the afternoon, stored in lobster tanks overnight and then processed, packed and frozen the next day. When you order our lobster tails online, you’ll receive a fresh shipment of frozen Maine lobster tails right at your door, kept cold to preserve the highest quality meat for you. Rocky Coast Lobsters from Owls Head Maine, there’s the difference! Pair them with a homemade dish or order the Call of the Wild Box from KnowSeafood to prepare a delicious seafood dish that stars our lobster tails. 

With KnowSeafood, get Rocky Coast lobster delivered right to your door. Our flavorful cold water lobster tails from Maine will exceed your expectations.

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1 product

Wild Maine Lobster Tails
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Contains two 4 oz. tails