Sustainably Raised Seafood Box

24 Servings

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Sustainable, Natural, and Eco-Friendly Raised Seafood. Taste our Omega 3 rich Aurora Salmon Portions and Poke, our additive-free non-GMO fed Harvest of the Sea Shrimp, and diver caught Arteseans Bay Scallops. Pan sear our hand-cut Mediterranean Branzino or our Rainbow Trout from Colombia. Always fed naturally, never ever any additives or preservatives, you can feel good about lessening the impact on wild species with this Sustainable Raised Seafood box.

Aurora Salmon, (4) 6 oz. Portions
Branzino Fillets, (4) 6 oz. Portions
Rainbow Trout, (4) 5-6 oz. Portions
Aurora Salmon Poke, 16 oz., Serves 4
Diver Caught Bay Scallops, 16 oz, Serves 4
Colossal Raw Shrimp, 13/15 ct., 16 oz, Serves 4

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What’s in the Box?

Each box has been personally curated by our crew, along with some help from our KnowBuddies! Here is what this box has to offer!


Branzino Fillets

Mediterranean Sea Bass, also known as Branzino, is aqua-raised in the pristine Aegean Sea. A favorite among the world’s top chefs for its mild delicate flavor, you can be prepared in a variety of delectable dishes. Italian, French, Spanish, and Greek cooks pair Mediterranean Sea Bass with fresh herbs and seasonings to create aromatic and memorable recipes. A quick, healthy, and flavorful meal, what could be better!

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Aurora Salmon

With a uniquely sweet flavor and brilliant, vibrant color, this Aurora salmon will soon be your new anytime favorite. Fed with a non-GMO micro-algae oil to secure a high level of health, benefitting omega3-fatty acids; these Aurora salmon portions are milder in flavor than wild-caught varieties but still hold a rich flavor that will leave you wanting more. Easy to cook, this salmon can be oven-baked, pan-seared, grilled, and even served raw for sushi and sashimi.


Aurora Salmon Poke

Our hand-cut, fresh-harvested Aurora Salmon Poke is perfect for any dish that required raw salmon. These delicate, skinless cubes of salmon are rich in flavor and have a delicate texture that will melt in your mouth. This is because Aurora Salmon are fed a non-GMO natural algae-based diet that increases the amount of Omega-3 dense fat to world-class levels. One bite of Aurora Salmon Poke and you’ll be hooked!

Conveniently packed in (4) 4 oz. Portions!

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Diver Caught Bay Scallops

Our succulent Arteseans Diver-Caught Bay Scallops are as delicious as they are unique. These sushi-grade scallops from Sechura Bay, Peru are known for their sweetness and creamy moisture. Because they are incredibly high in protein, these tender morsels cook quickly and easily.

Arteseans Diver-Caught Bay Scallops can be sautéed, baked, broiled, and more to create gorgeous dishes. Use them as the main ingredient for ceviche or tacos, or top them with parmesan cheese, salt, lime juice, and butter for a traditional Peruvian appetizer!

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Rainbow Trout

Our PezCo Rainbow Trout fillets are humanely raised in natural spring waters originating from the Andes Mountains. The trout are fed a plant-based diet and are never given any antibiotics or additives, which produces a world-class product that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Surprisingly flavorful and very easy to prepare and cook, you will understand why PezCo Rainbow Trout is frequently featured on menus from coast to coast by the country’s top chefs.


Colossal Raw Shrimp

Get restaurant-quality shrimp directly to your door. Our pure, GMO-free Colossal Raw Shrimp (13/15 ct.) are perfect for sautéing, grilling, and baking because of their incredible size. You can even boil these to make cooked cocktail shrimp that will leave your guests raving. No chemicals or preservatives are ever added to this delicious product, and they have been deveined for your convenience.

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